What Most People Don't Know About Marco's Pizza

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Marco's Pizza is the dark horse of the pizzeria world, with fewer stores than giants like Pizza Hut or Domino's. Despite that, it's earned a place in the heart of pizza lovers everywhere for its fresh ingredients, quick service, great atmosphere, and, most of all, its delicious pizzas.

According to QSR magazine, Marco's Pizza is currently the only national pizza chain in the United States founded by an Italian. Pat Giammarco was just nine when his family moved from Italy to Michigan, where he worked in his dad's pizzeria. Giammarco founded his own restaurant, Marco's Pizza, in 1978 in Toledo, Ohio. But why Toledo? Here's what Gimmarco told an interviewer:

"A friend of mine was getting married in Monroe, Michigan, and we came to Toledo to rent tuxedos."

Upon reaching the city, though, he was struck with the idea of starting a pizza place there. When the initial planning began, many asked him why he would think to start his own restaurant. Giammarco said that he simply knew that his pizzas were better than the others. It became a hit as soon as it was founded.

Recalling those early days of his pizza place, Giammarco had this to say:

"Fortunately, it was as good as I thought. [Customers] would come from 20 miles away a lot of times. And we just started opening up more locations where we knew people were coming from."

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