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What if Pizza Disappeared?
Firstly, if Pizza disappeared, some people might actually start losing weight.
Secondly, many people love to eat pizza, if Pizza disappeared, many people may actually start eating more at home.
Thirdly, pizza is said to have been invented in Italy, if Pizza disappeared, entire country may go on strike.
Fourthly, if Pizza disappeared, pizza delivery guys will have a lot of free time on their hands.
Fifthly, cheese and pizza go hand in hand, if Pizza disappeared, sale of cheese may come down.
Lastly, if Pizza disappeared, fast food joints world over may start closing up.

0:00 - What if Pizza Disappeared?
1:09 - Why are Pizza Boxes Square?
2:33 - Why do we Love Junk Food?
3:38 - Why can we smell hot food from a distance?
5:47 - Why do we get Food Cravings?
7:00 - Is spicy food bad for you?
7:47 - Why does spicy food make your nose run?
8:54 - Why does salt make food taste better?
10:07 - Can we Taste Food without Saliva?
10:48 - Are Processed Foods Safe to Eat?
12:04 - Is Overcooked food Good for us?
13:14 - Is Expired Food Safe to eat?
14:23 - Is Fermented Food good for us?
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